Top 3 best robot vacuum cleaners with a budget of under $300 (2021): IRobot, Roborock, more

Here are some of the best robot vacuum cleaners with a budget of under $300 in 2021, including IRobot, Roborock, etc.!
Robot vacuum cleaners definitely make cleaning housework easier, because they can make the floor spotless without sweating. Not to mention that they can even do better because their navigation function swears not to miss any place.
However, there are countless robotic vacuum products out there. Therefore, choosing one can be another tedious chore.
More importantly, some of the best products may become unreasonably expensive, while other cheap products may end up adding more pressure due to their substandard manufacturing.
In other words, choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner you like under a budget of $300 is not easy.
Therefore, the guide here narrows down the process to three noteworthy options, which include the pros and cons of each robot vacuum cleaner to help you make better decisions.
According to ArchitectureLab, one of the most notable highlights of this robot vacuum cleaner is its impressive 5200 mAh battery capacity, which can clean a large area of ​​approximately 2152 square feet without charging.
Most importantly, the Rock E4 can be easily navigated even in complex locations, thanks to its optical eye tracking technology and dual gyroscope route algorithm.
However, despite its effective suction power and impressive battery life, it makes annoying noises when turned on.
At the same time, this vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for a mobile application called iHome Clean, which allows users to set a cleaning schedule for it.
The iHome AutoVac robot vacuum cleaner application also allows users to observe its actions in a predetermined cleaning plan.
Not only that, the iHome AutoVac 2-in-1 can not only vacuum, but also mop the floor—as its name implies.
But its two-in-one function can only be used when the user purchases the mat and the mop slot at the same time. Unfortunately, the mop slot is sold separately.
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According to the New York Times product review site Wirecutter, this robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for those who are looking for something that is not easily damaged.
The iRobot Roomba 614 has proven to be more durable than other similar robots. What’s more, when it suddenly breaks, don’t worry, because it can be repaired.
Not only that, the intelligent navigation function of this sweeping robot is also driven by advanced sensors, allowing it to easily enter under and around the furniture.
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Post time: Nov-05-2021