Belove Hot Selling ABS Microfiber PU Leather Multifunctional Intelligent Massage Chair 18 Kinds Of Functional Massage

Short Description:

1.18-simulated massage modes such as kneading, acupressure, tapping, walking, and kneading

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1.18-simulated massage modes such as kneading, acupressure, tapping, walking, and kneading

2.Touch screen large screen manual control, AI voice control induction heating, handrail injection heating, through the semi-automatic mode, it is more convenient in usage

3.Foot roller massage, add foot massage, 3gears massage range,3types massage method,6kinds massage speed。experience different massage techniques

4.125° swing to sleep ,zero gravity cabin simulata space suspension,enjoy an immersive,massage experience deep sleep cabin,thicken sofa sitting,reduce pressure on the spine and joints。

5.Use calf compresses to release your feet,separation of legs and feet precise simulation massage,separate leg and foot design,calf heightened and retractable,partition massage according to calf.

6.intelligent body type detection according to body type massage,combination of body pressure sensing technology and shoulder detection technology,can massage regardless of body type

7.Multiple methods help the body liberate,real-life massage technique directly to the acupoints,Varlous massage techniques such as gentle kneading and slow kneading,the more you press the body,the easier it is.

8.Whole body,3D airbag package table,Airbag circulates ups and downs presses and wraps the whole body muscles,deep relaxation with wave massage,stretch sore muscles

9.Warm compress three temperature adjustable,warm compress on waist,back and legs,suitable for people with heavy moisture and cold legs,soothes and relaxes muscles.

Bluetooth audio surround music experience,steree bluetooth audio massage and entertainment are both right.filtered surround sound effect,bluetooth connection can be played at will

LCD touch screed one-key operation direct,the function options are clear,parents can understand,projected touch capacitive technology,accurate response to backlight design in 3 seconds

Product parameter:
Product model:H888
Support charging:Wore;ess charging
Rated voltage:220V
Rated power:150W
Net weight:115KG
Gross weight:135KG
Vertical size:161*82*126.5CM
Flat lay size:175*82*99CM

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