Working principle and function of eye protector

Too many seats – we sit at our desks, in front of our computers, in our cars, on public transport, on our sofas, watching Netflix. It’s a recipe for our body pain.
Too much technology – technology is good, but if you use it too long, your health will be affected, especially your posture will cause pain and muscle tension. Now the common posture problems are head forward tilt and “Wen neck”
Physical inactivity – sitting too long, we move less. This can also cause muscle tension and affect our posture. But more importantly, it makes us more depressed and unhappy. The body is going to move, and if we don’t, it will start to suffer.
Pressure – today there are too many information, things to do, things to see, things to read and problems to deal with, which will pile up and bring us pressure. This kind of pressure can do harm to the body. We began to feel sick, tired and unhappy.
Pain, pain and posture problems used to be related only to the elderly, but quickly became a problem among young people.
On the plus side, if your problems are caused by too much sitting, too much technology and inactivity, they can usually be reversed.
According to the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the intelligent AI eye protection instrument is carefully designed according to the high and low contour of the eyes and the distribution of different acupoints. According to the neodymium magnetic finger or the air bag force, it can press the eyes and massage the acupoints of the eyes at the same time, stimulate and exercise the optic vertebra cells and optic nerve, relieve the fatigue of ciliary muscles, relieve the dryness and pain of eyes caused by long-time eye use, and reconcile the Qi and blood, Promote metabolism.
Eye protector is an instrument to relieve visual fatigue. It is also called vision protection training machine, vision recovery exercise training machine, vision training machine, health protection machine and eye massager.
working principle
1. Physical combination therapy to relax the eyes and brain
Eye care instrument adopts a unique design of temple massage, especially the spa physiotherapy concept. Through comfortable vibration massage, it works in the eye and brain together, and the comprehensive eye brain movement makes you return to the state of natural relaxation. Physical combination therapy, will not produce dependence.
2. Increase eye muscle nutrition and restore refractive power
The unique massage function of eye protection instrument can improve the microcirculation of eye tissue, promote the metabolism of eye tissue, repair the diseased tissue, restore the refractive power, improve the vision and strengthen the therapeutic effect. It plays a key role in preventing myopia, curing pseudomyopia and mild myopia, and controlling the degree of myopia.
3. Exercise the ciliary muscle to restore the refractive system
According to the physiological characteristics of human vision, the instrument can completely relieve the tension and spasm of ciliary muscle by relaxing the ciliary muscle, recover the regulating function of the refractive system of the eyes, and rapidly improve the vision. It has an immediate effect on pseudomyopia; For mild and moderate myopia, it can improve vision, reduce diopter, and some people can take off glasses; For high myopia, the increase of diopter can be controlled, the diopter can be reduced, the vision can be further restored, and the complications can be prevented.
4. Activate cells and treat both the symptoms and the symptoms
Through the induction principle of biological energy field, eye protection instrument can enhance the aerobic metabolism and antioxidant effect of eyeball tissue, improve the excitability of optic nerve cells, improve vision, fast and stable without rebound, and effectively prevent glaucoma, cataract and other complications.
5. Activate meridians and stimulate visual pathway
The red light or yellow light of eye protection instrument can excite optic nerve cells and optic nerve pathway, promote the development of optic cells at all levels, improve vision, and have good therapeutic effect on amblyopia and astigmatism. In the comprehensive treatment of amblyopia, it can achieve fast and stable curative effect, shorten the course of treatment, and break the age limit of traditional treatment. By promoting the development of the eyeball, the treatment of astigmatism can make the eyes adapt to the abnormal curvature, improve vision, reduce the degree of astigmatism, and receive unexpected therapeutic effect on astigmatism.
Functional principle
Power recovery
Using computer automatic control, it can produce safe and scientific biological power, act on the front end of the ocular axis, effectively prevent the elongation of the ocular axis, and gradually restore the lengthened ocular axis, and restore the diopter of the eye.
Automatic acupoint selection
In 1982, the Ministry of education of the people’s Republic of China popularized eye exercises in primary and secondary schools all over the country, which has a very good effect on myopia prevention and eye care of primary and secondary school students. However, it is difficult for primary and secondary school students to identify eye acupoints, which directly affects the prevention and health care effect of eye exercises. Studies have found that when myopia occurs, the lesion acupoints in the relevant areas around the eye will change. Based on a large number of data measurement, researchers have developed advanced automatic acupoint selection technology, which can accurately locate the lesion acupoints.
Magnetic finger massage
There is a finger massage contact. This contact is made of high purity silica gel without any side effect on skin. It can produce the best magnetic flux by inserting selected highly efficient medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy NdFeB. A small motor controlled by computer IC chip can produce the required massage effect according to different speeds.
Frequency vibration
The vibration massage of acupoints and internal and external muscles around the eyes is helpful to improve the regulating function of the eyelash muscle, relieve the spasm of the ciliary muscle, enhance the blood circulation of the eyes, improve the nerve nutrition, and eliminate the excessive congestion of the eyes, so as to eliminate fatigue and improve vision.
Digital pulse
On the basis of automatic acupoint selection, the eye protection instrument adopts a unique computer digital pulse, fast or slow, light or heavy, and acts on the acupoints of the eye through the eye electrode current, which can dredge the meridians, promote circulation, harmonize qi and blood, and eliminate eye fatigue, so as to relieve the spasm of ciliary muscle, restore the shape of lens, and achieve the purpose of acupuncture treatment. And harmless to the human body, which is the internal cause of the formation of myopia treatment, but also one of the most important reasons.
Green light regulation
Green has the best effect on the normal state of lens expansion. This has long been recognized by the medical profession. Based on the comprehensive research of optic nerve and spectral science, the researchers have tested that under the green light environment with wavelength of 560 nm (1 nm = 10-9 m), the spasm of ciliary muscle can be relieved to the greatest extent. In the eye protection instrument, the green light background is set to act on the eyes directly, which can excite the optic nerve; It can quickly eliminate fatigue, relax ciliary muscle and relieve spasm. Especially, it can improve the diopter of myopia patients and adjust the myopia.
Darkroom effect
It is designed as a totally closed eye mask, which makes it opaque and keeps the eyes in the dark. The principle is that the brighter the light is, the more tense the eye muscles and optic nerves are, and it is easy to produce asthenopia; The darker the light is, the more naturally it relaxes and the pupils dilate naturally, giving the eyes a full rest. According to the latest research on eye organs by medical researchers, even if the eyelids are closed, the optic nerve is still in a tense working state only in the light range, which is one of the main causes of ciliary muscle spasm. Through the special dark room environment, the researchers make the optic nerve in a fully relaxed state and enhance the effect of pulse prevention and treatment. And through the use of myopic patients at noon every day for 15 minutes, so that the optic nerve to avoid the fatigue state of long-term work all day long, relieve cycloplegia spasm and so on.
Application of eye protection instrument
Help to eliminate black eye bags, dark circles, inhibit neurasthenia, improve sleep quality.
It can be used for a long time to get through the easy period of myopia and make the temporary effect become long-term effect, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing true myopia.
It can accelerate the metabolism of eye cells, improve eye health, and make tired eyes younger.
Eye care instrument can eliminate visual fatigue immediately and play a good role in eye health care.
Objective to treat juvenile pseudomyopia.
Nursing astigmatism, amblyopia, improve vision.
It can delay the occurrence of presbyopia and often use the eye protection instrument to protect the eyes.
Note voice
During use and after recovery, we should keep good eye habits, especially correct reading and writing posture, avoid reading, writing, watching TV, playing computer games for a long time, and insist on doing eye exercises several times a day for better effect.
When not in use for a long time, take the battery out of it.
Pay attention to the movement when taking off the eye massager.
During use, watch less TV and don’t play games; 5. During use, pay attention to rest and eye care.
Glaucoma, cataract patients can not use.
It’s better not to lend to others to avoid cross infection of eye diseases. The silica gel air bag and lining should be cleaned with alcohol frequently, and the cleaning should be carried out carefully under the inflation state.
Always clean neodymium magnet and massage button to keep it clean.
In storage, to avoid high temperature, toward the wet place, do not let children touch.
Please turn off the power after use.
Suitable for people’s voice
Myopic patients:
Myopia is a symptom that the eyes can’t see far objects clearly, but can see near objects clearly. Under the premise of static refraction, distant objects can not converge in the retina, but form a focus in front of the retina, resulting in visual deformation and blurring of distant objects. Myopia is divided into refractive and axial. Among them, refractive myopia is the most serious. Refractive myopia can reach more than 600 degrees, that is, high myopia. It can treat pseudomyopia and relieve true myopia.
Students of University, middle school and primary school:
China’s education has indirectly fostered myopia. Generally, as students in school, teenagers read and do homework all day long, and are prone to eye fatigue, even myopia, most of which are “pseudomyopia”. A kind of functional myopia caused by excessive eye use and tension adjustment. If the spasmolysis treatment is not carried out in time, the real myopia will develop after a long time. At this time, we need to use the eye protection instrument to treat pseudomyopia.
Office workers who face computers for a long time:
For office workers, eyes are very important, but most of them have to face the situation of computer at least 8 hours a day. For office workers, the best way is to use eye protection instrument and get enough sleep.
Middle aged and elderly people with hyperopia and presbyopic glasses:
Presbyopia is a kind of physiological phenomenon, not a pathological state, also does not belong to ametropia, is the inevitable visual problems when people enter the middle and old age. With the increase of age, the adjustment ability of the eyes gradually decreases, which causes the patients to have difficulty in seeing near. In the close work, it is necessary to add a convex lens in addition to the static refractive correction in order to have clear near vision. This phenomenon is called presbyopia. Presbyopia use eye care instrument is the best choice.
Puffy and dark circles under the eyes:
Puffy bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes are often caused by staying up late, emotional instability, eye fatigue and aging, too slow blood flow of venous blood vessels, insufficient oxygen supply of red blood cells of eye skin, excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste in venous blood vessels, chronic hypoxia, dark blood and stagnation, and eye pigmentation. The magnetic massage function of eye protection instrument has a good effect on puffy and black eye circles.
Drivers who have been working hard for a long time:
The driver’s eyes are like radar detectors. They can see everything and listen to everything that may happen during driving. They are quick to respond and have strong adaptability. Therefore, it is very important for drivers to protect their eyes. Especially the driver of the coach. Before driving, we often take care of our eyes with the eye protector to promote the blood circulation of the eyes, improve our vision, prevent eye diseases, clear our mind, drive in the ever-changing environment, and deal with the emergency without hurry. After coming back, you can also use eye protector to protect your eyes, which can eliminate fatigue. Eye protection device can not only maintain the youthful vitality of eyes and face, reduce the formation of crow’s feet around eyes and wrinkles on face, but also prevent vision loss, especially for middle-aged and elderly drivers.
Hard to force the programmer to say more? Oh, protect your eyes

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