Massage for the elderly: benefits, precautions, costs, etc.

Geriatric massage is a massage therapy for the elderly. This type of massage takes into account many factors that affect the body’s aging, including a person’s overall health, medical conditions, and medication use.
In this article, we will explore how elderly massage can benefit you or your loved ones. We also provide tips on how to find a certified senior massage therapist near you.
Massage is a complementary or alternative therapy. They are not considered part of traditional medicine, but they may be an additional intervention to help control your health symptoms.
Elderly massage is specifically for senior citizens. Elderly people need special attention when receiving massage. Massage therapists will consider all aging factors and a person’s specific health conditions when customizing massages.
Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all method for elderly massage. Everyone has a unique health status and overall health status.
Many elderly people lack regular and active physical contact with others. Massage therapists can satisfy this need of you or your loved ones through the touch provided by massage.
There are many studies on the benefits of massage for the elderly. Here are some noteworthy studies:
Massage therapists will consider several factors of the elderly to ensure that their experience is safe and beneficial.
Massage therapists will first consider your overall health when providing elderly massage. This may involve observing your movements and asking questions about your health and activity level.
Remember that the aging body will experience changes in the body’s system. Your body may be more sensitive to stress, your joints may work in different ways, and your muscles and bones may be weaker.
It is very important that your massage therapist understand any health conditions you may have before the massage. These may include chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, circulatory diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases or heart disease.
This is especially important if you want to speak for a loved one who has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Massage therapists should understand all health conditions before performing massages.
If you are taking one or several medications to treat a health condition, please inform your massage therapist. They can modify the massage according to the effect of the medicine.
As we age, the thickness and durability of the skin will change. The massage therapist will determine how much pressure they can safely put on your skin. Too much pressure may cause the skin to rupture or irritate the skin.
Due to reduced blood flow, health conditions, or medications, you as an elderly person may experience different pains.
If your sensitivity to pain increases, or you cannot feel the pain until it becomes severe, please tell your massage therapist. This can avoid injury or discomfort.
As you get older, you may become more sensitive to heat or cold. You may also have difficulty regulating your body temperature. Be sure to mention any sensitivity to temperature to your massage therapist so they can adapt to you.
Finding the right massage therapist for elderly massage is the key to a positive and beneficial experience.
Most states require massage therapists to obtain a license. Confirm the certificate of the massage therapist before receiving the massage.
Massage therapy is considered an alternative or complementary therapy by Medicare Part A and Part B. Therefore, it is not covered by insurance and requires out-of-pocket expenses.
Medicare Part C may include some rules for massage therapy, but you need to check your personal plan.
Elderly massage can help improve your mood, stress level, pain, etc. As you grow older, your body needs different care. The massage therapist will consider your health needs before you massage.
Older massages may be shorter than typical massages and use special operations specific to your health history and current needs.
Massage therapy is not covered by Medicare Part A and Part B, so you may need to purchase these services at your own expense.
In a recent study, 60-minute massage sessions per week were shown to reduce pain symptoms and improve mobility in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
Massage therapy can help relieve body pain and improve mood. Learn more about its potential benefits in treating depression.
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