Great health! 5g popular, these intelligent health management devices create your own “personal doctor”

In this year's "the longest winter vacation in history", all my friends spontaneously learned a "health open class". This class not only gave birth to "cloud fitness", "home fitness" and other hot topics, but also greatly improved people's attention to their own health. Different from the joking of "Buddhist regimen" in the past, there are more and more friends in our daily life who use exercise and fitness records and intelligent hardware to monitor our health.

On the other hand, the intelligent hardware that is the main health function has been increasing. Some products have become awesome tools for ordinary people to monitor their health. Smart watches, such as apple watch, are equipped with ECG. Huawei P40 PRO + mobile phone can also use the rear camera to accurately measure the body temperature with the help of unique AI algorithm... Health monitoring, which used to be realized only by professional medical equipment, seems to be realized by smart hardware such as mobile phones, watches and even earphones.

It can be predicted that with the continuous surge of 5g trend, the health intelligent hardware will undergo a subversive upgrade. Now, by monitoring the heart rate with a watch, more health monitoring and management functions may be realized with headphones or even chips in the future, so as to further reduce the threshold for ordinary people to understand and monitor their own health, In the real sense, we can carry out physical examination at home without leaving home.
Naturally, such a beautiful imagination can not be separated from the promotion of science and technology industry. For example, recently, the world's top chip company, Qualcomm, and the well-known JD have upgraded their cooperation in the 5g field. Relying on the rapid development of China's 5g construction, JD and Qualcomm should work together to accelerate the popularization and popularity of 5g intelligent devices in China. In addition to continuously enriching smart hardware such as smart phones, XRS, Mobile PCs and wearable devices in the 5g era, they will also give full play to their respective advantages to create more 5g smart hardware with lower price and stronger performance. After all, only if we can afford it and use it, can it be regarded as the true popularization.

Post time: Aug-05-2021