Everything you need to know about using jade rollers on your face

You may have seen the jade roller being touted on social media and YouTube as a panacea for diseases ranging from puffy skin to lymphatic drainage.
Dendy Engelman, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at the Shafer Clinic in New York City, said the jade roller can effectively push excess fluid and toxins into the lymphatic system.
Since you are most likely to notice puffiness in the morning after a long night of sleep, it is best to use the jade roller in the morning. That’s it.
Don’t worry too much about pulling down the skin. Even regular rolling is not enough to cause wrinkles.
“The time spent on each part of the face is very short, and your rolling motion should be gentle enough that you don’t actually pull the skin,” she said.
Although there is no evidence that jade itself makes tools more effective, there may be some benefits to using jade rollers, including:
“Massaging the face and neck stimulates the lymph nodes to drain fluid from the face,” Engelman explains.
Engelman said that massaging the face and neck pushes fluids and toxins into the lymphatic vessels and stimulates the lymph nodes to expel them. This results in a firmer and less puffy appearance.
“The results are temporary. Appropriate diet and exercise help prevent water retention and thus prevent puffiness,” she explained.
Facial rolling stimulates blood circulation, which can make your skin look brighter, firmer and healthier.
“Any facial massage, if done correctly, can help improve blood circulation and reduce puffiness-whether using a jade roller or not,” Engelman said.
“Rolling or massaging the face after applying topical products can help the product absorb into the skin,” she said.
Some people claim that jade rollers can stimulate collagen production, but there is no evidence that they have this effect.
“As far as we know, the only really effective way to improve collagen is through skin peels, tretinoin and skin disease treatments,” Engelman said.
Same as above for acne. The cool temperature of any rolling stone tool can help temporarily calm the inflamed skin.
Some people use larger jade rollers with spikes on the lower body. Although some people claim that the tool can reduce cellulite in the buttocks, any effect may be temporary.
“It may have the same swelling effect on your body as on your face, but rolling is unlikely to significantly improve or eliminate cellulite,” Engelman said.
Using the scroll wheel is similar to the face scroll wheel. If you use it on body parts below the heart, such as the buttocks, roll it up. This is the natural direction of lymphatic drainage.
Pro tip: roll up when using the jade roller under the heart. This is the natural direction of lymphatic drainage.
“Its shape and edges allow it to provide a more powerful and targeted massage than a roller,” Engelman said.
You can use the scraping tool to massage your face, neck and body to stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation. Engelman explained that this helps drain the remaining fluid and eliminate the puffiness of the skin.
Jade is one of the most popular roller materials. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Chinese have used jade for thousands of years and associate it with clarity of mind and purity of spirit.
According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), quartz has been used for at least 7,000 years for its so-called magical powers. For example, the Egyptians believed that quartz could prevent aging, while early American culture believed that it could heal emotions.
Engelman pointed out that there is no evidence that any of these rocks has specific advantages over any other hard material.
If your skin is irritated, damaged, painful to the touch, or if you already have a skin condition, please consult your dermatologist before using the jade roller.
The jade roller gently massages the skin. This helps stimulate the lymph nodes to drain facial fluids and toxins, temporarily reducing puffiness.
Be sure to choose a roller made of non-porous materials, such as jade, quartz or amethyst. Clean the roller after each use to avoid aggravating the skin or causing acne.
Colleen de Bellefonds is a Paris-based health journalist with more than ten years of experience, often writing and editing for publications such as WhatToExpect.com, Women’s Health, WebMD, Healthgrades.com and CleanPlates.com. Find her on Twitter.
Does rolling cool jade on the face really help the skin? We asked the experts about these benefits and their suggestions for the experience.
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Does rolling cool jade on the face really help the skin? We asked the experts about these benefits and their suggestions for the experience.
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