A kind of peculiar slapping, slapping away hunchback, lumbar disc herniation, and lumbar muscle strain, without spending a penny~

Slap to get through the back

Treatment of hunchback, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, etc.

Relax the shoulders and tap the painful areas of the body. If the pain area is large, use the palm of your hand. If the pain area is small, use the base of your palm or your fingertips. Beile Company suggested to use one hand to beat the front side, the other hand to beat the back spine, and try to beat up as much as possible. Stand straight and beat 8-10 times, then bend over and beat up for 8-10 times, and finally lean back and beat the waist 8-10 times.

By tapping in this way, the joints of the lower back can be relaxed, the muscle strain of the lower back and spondylitis can be improved, and the bone hyperplasia common in the elderly can also be delayed or prevented. When hitting the back, be sure to hit the spine in the middle of the back, because the spine is the convergence of all yang, and people with sufficient yang are healthy. All things therapy.

Relieve chest tightness and protect the heart

prevent heart disease

Tanzhong acupoint is at the midpoint of the line connecting the two nipples, rub clockwise and counterclockwise with the palm of your hand. Helps to treat chest tightness and palpitation, and balance Qi and blood.


2. Jiquan acupoint therapy of all things.

Jiquan acupoint is located under the armpit, kneading here with hands can relieve angina pectoris.

3. The treatment of all things in the flank.
The fullness of the flank ribs is related to the heart and liver. Pushing down or forward with both hands along the flank ribs can relieve the pain of the flank ribs.

4, Neiguan point all things therapy.
Neiguan acupoint is located three horizontal and two inches below the wrist. Regular massage can relieve palpitation, chest tightness, irritability, and has the effect of calming the mind.Do this group of movements for three to five minutes each, and the intensity is appropriate for the feeling of soreness and pain.


wipe down the ditch

drop three high
There are more than 160 acupuncture points on the ear, and the depression on the skin behind the ear is called the blood pressure ditch. Stretch this ditch with your fingers from top to bottom. There are benefits too.
Scrub the groove behind both ears 260 times every morning. It takes about two or three minutes to complete. After finishing, the ears will feel warm. If the number of times is too small, the effect will not be achieved.


If you really can’t massage yourself, then you can use our massage cushion to help you, so as to achieve a multiplier effect

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