Bella multifunctional massage chair relax full body massage chair chair massage price

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Smart LCD touch,Multi-dimensional smart movement, dual movement SL type long guide rail, Flexible airbag wrap,Legs stretch freely,Smart timing.

Intelligent 2D silicone manipulator, Newly upgraded calf airbag pinch,5 great Thai massage techniques, Plantar roller magnetic therapy,Light sleep deep V zero gravity,deep V suspension Thai-style stretching


3 levels of strength adjustment (manipulator), 3 levels of intensity adjustment (airbag), 3 levels of width adjustment, 3 speeds of massage,Synchronous massage and kneading of waist, neck and shoulders,kneading

Surrounding HIFI Bluetooth music, upgraded waist back + calf wormwood hot compress, Smart and smart three-dimensional massage, high-end bracket type LCD hand controller, intelligent body automatic detection


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