Air Purifying Electric Face Mask Smart Face Electric Fan Masking Intelligent Reusable Masking Replaceable Activated Carbon Protect Face mask

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1.Fashion smart mask, breathing fresh air is no longer a luxury, powerful wind, 4- layer purification

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Fashion smart mask

Intelligent Eye Massage Instrumrnt Graphene Fever: Ventilation,Soft, Skin-friendly. Eye fatigue, dark circles, and swelling are all daring to go!

Try your best to breathe for your health

The 4-layer filter effectively purifies the air, corresponding to various size of pollutants, and can lock up all kinds of harmful particles with a particle size less than PM2.5 in the air. The first floor: sterilization layer; second floor: activated carbon; third floor: HEPA filter layer, fourth floor: non-woven.

Two kinds of wind mode soft handoff drive technology

Low drive noise, air soft, low vibration, low noise. Press for gear shift to air volume gear, suit for walking, outing and jogging

Filtering effect

Anti-fog and haze, filter fine particles. Anti-dust, industrial pollution threat to health. anti-odor, effectively blocks pungent odor. Anti-exhaust, anti car exhaust. Pollen barrier, for pollen allergies.

3D face engineering design

Affinity, no irritation, no odor. ABS safety and environmental protection; available for children; available for pregnant women

Turbine motor active air supply

Built-in turbocharger motor, active air supply, low current, stable operation and low noise, one-way outlet valve to avoid secondary pollution.

3D three- dimensional design

3D three-dimensional design, according to the curve design of the human face, fits the face and has strong adhesion

light and comfortable, it just one egg weight---80g.

Endurance 4-6 hours

Give you peace of mind,quiet and safe care, and immerse yourself in a pure world.

Explosion-proof packaging process

Soft package lithium battery using the polymer, more long-term safety.

Filter replacement

The mask can be used for a long time and the filter element can be replaced within 7-15 days.

Silicone material, comfortable and no smell,silicone full fit, comfortable skin-friendly. According to ergonomic design, it fits the face comfortably and wears for a long time. Not easy to be tired, close without door: Does not irritate the skin, no irritating smell, soft and even force, not easy to age, small and light, comfortable and not tiring. Reject glasses fog.

More information

(1) side/shutdown button side charging jack;
(2) USB charging port;
(3) silicone full fit;
(4)one-way outlet valve.

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